If you purchased the PRO upgrade on iPad and want to activate it on your iPhone

After hearing feedback from coaches we’ve decided to merge our separate Flag Football Playmaker iPhone and iPad apps into a single Universal app. Instead of two separate in-app purchases a single PRO upgrade will now unlock the full app on both devices. iPad Playmaker PRO users can now to activate the iPhone PRO upgrade in the new Universal app for free.

Install the new Universal app on your iPhone.
Open the new Universal app and tap GO PRO.
Tap the Restore button below the PRO upgrade description.
If prompted, enter the Apple ID info you used when you originally purchased the iPad app PRO upgrade. IMPORTANT: This is your Apple ID that you use to make purchases in the App Store. Unless you used identical info when you set up your accounts, if you enter your Playmaker Account info the restore will not work.
Look here to confirm that you have restored the PRO upgrade.