Offline Use - Best Practices

We designed Playmaker X to work offline because like many coaches, we take our devices to every game and usually don't have access to a reliable network.

For best results:

  1. Reboot your device to make sure it doesn't run other apps/processes in the background which can negatively impact device performance.
  2. Open the app while connected to your wifi or cell network to sync and confirm that you see all of your plays.
  3. After syncing, set your device into airplane/offline mode.
  4. Once you're offline, do not log out or force quit the app.



Tip: like all computer systems, mobile devices can crash, have data issues, etc. and they always seem to do so at the worst moments. While we rarely experience technical issues on game day, we always bring a backup device and printed play card just in case.


Changes made offline will sync with your other devices when you reconnect, but if you're collaborating with other coaches, you could end up with some unexpected results if you both make significant changes and one of you is offline for too long. We recommend that you avoid going long stretches where you're making significant playbook edits without connecting to sync (for obvious cloud backup reasons).