How to Record Video

You can record video directly into Filmroom using any of the supported iOS or Android devices. Set up your recording device somewhere with unobstructed line-of-sight to the field (ex. press box or top of stands) and use a tripod mount with lens kit for better video quality.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to stop recording between plays to maintain accurate play counts and so that stats can be entered for each play individually.

On the Dashboard, tap the "Add Game" button.
Select the game date. The default is today's date.
Select Home & Away teams.
If the team isn’t in your list, tap "Add a Team" and enter the team info in the window that appears.
Tap "Record".
Slide the zoom handle to adjust the zoom level.
Tap the red Record button just before the start of the play and tap it again at the end of the play.
As soon as the video is processed it will be automatically available to watch by any team member on any supported playback device with an Internet connection.