How to Use Sideline Video

You can record video and have plays ready for replay on the sideline in seconds. What you'll need:


Some ways teams are using Filmroom Sideline Video:

Coordinators review plays between series to identify new looks and make adjustments.
Position coaches review videos with individual players to correct technique and clarify responsibilities.
An assistant marks key plays for special emphasis between series or at halftime.

How Filmroom Sideline Video works:

One device records the video and automatically sends it up to the Filmroom servers for processing.
All of your team's Internet-connected playback devices will report the status of the video in real time.
When the video has been processed it will automatically appear for anyone on your team with a playback device.

Everything in Filmroom happens in real time, so as soon as the video is processed it will be automatically available to watch by any team member on any supported playback device anywhere in the world with an Internet connection: sideline, booth, coaches' office, coffee shop, living room couch or hammock in Fiji.