Use Live Scheme Data During a Game

An assistant or volunteer can enter Scheme data for each play in real time. What you'll need:


Some ways teams are using Filmroom Live Scheme Data:

An assistant on the field or in the booth enters Scheme data in real time.
Remote volunteers in an office, at home or in a coffee shop enter Scheme data for plays as they're recorded.
Coordinators review tendency reports and playlists to make halftime adjustments.

How Filmroom Live Scheme Data works:

One device records the video and automatically sends it up to the Filmroom servers for processing.
As soon as the video starts recording it will automatically appear for anyone on your team with a playback device to start entering Scheme data.
Filmroom Tendency Reports and Playlists are automatically updated as Scheme data is entered.

Everything in Filmroom happens in real time, so as soon as the Scheme data is entered it will be automatically available for review by any team member on any supported playback device anywhere in the world with an Internet connection: sideline, booth, coaches' office, lawn chair, living room couch or cruise ship.