Filmroom includes a full set of Annotation Tools that Staff members can use to highlight key aspects of any video.

Tap the "Annotated" tab.
Tap the "Tools" button in the upper right corner.
Choose a color, type and end cap (lines only) in the Annotation Tools window.
Tap/click and drag to draw your annotation.
A yellow dot will appear on the video progress bar to indicate that there is an annotation available at that point in the video.

Filmroom Anntation Tools include:

Freeform Line - draw any shape directly on the video with an endcap of your choice (none, arrow, flat, dot).
Straight Line - drag across the screen to draw a precise line with an endcap of your choice.
Circle - drag from a center point to position and scale a circle to highlight a player or location on the field.
Numbers - tap to number a player or location on the field. Subsequent taps increment the number (first tap for "1", second tap for "2", etc).
Note - enter text to appear directly on the video. You can position and resize the text after it has been saved.
Remove - there are two ways to remove annotations: one by one using the "Remove" tool, or all at once using the "Clear All" button in the upper right corner. Note that there is no undo.

Everything in Filmroom happens in real time, so as soon as you add an annotation, it will be automatically visible to any team member on any supported playback device anywhere in the world with an Internet connection: sideline, booth, coaches' office, living room couch or traffic school.