Sideline Video & Live Data Internet Requirements

A cellular or Wi-Fi Internet connection is required for Sideline VideoLive Stats and Live Tendency Reports. The time from recording video to replay on the sideline is directly related to the strength of your Internet connection. Open the current game on your sideline device(s) and you'll be able to see the recording, importing and processing status of each play in real time.

Filmroom includes a network monitor with clear status indicators so you never have to guess about your Internet connection strength:

Good (Wi-Fi) - no indicator. Video is fast from Recording to Sideline.
Good (Cellular) - blue indicator. You'll want to be sure you're comfortable with your data usage and resulting network carrier fees.
Poor - orange indicator. Video is slow from Recording to Sideline. Filmroom will work in this state but you should your expectations for speed pretty low.
Offline - red indicator. No Internet connection means no Sideline Video.