Ask for fast, reliable Internet and Wi-Fi to be installed in your home stadium.


Call ahead for away games to find out if your opponent's stadium has Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is available, ask for login info a few days before the game.


If Wi-Fi is unavailable, choose a device with cellular Internet service. Some teams are using Filmroom Sideline Video by tethering tablets and laptop computers to Internet-connected cellular phones.


Make Filmroom system checks part of your pregame ritual. Get the Filmroom Pregame Checklist.


Your best video playback experience will be on iOS devices. We like Android devices as a budget option for recording but video playback, scrubbing and navigation are superior on iOS.


Encourage position coaches to carry a supported playback device (at least a phone) for reviews with individual players to correct technique and clarify responsibilities.


Have an assistant in the booth with a playback device to mark key plays for special emphasis between series or at halftime.