How to Enter Stats

Make sure to review our Guidelines for Breakdown. It is strongly recommended that you only assign one coach at a time to enter Stats and always enter Stats for plays in order: Play 1, then Play 2, Play 3 and so on.

Select a team from the Dashboard.
Select a game.
Tap or click the Play 1 thumbnail.
Select the "Stats" tab at the bottom of the screen.
Depending on your device screen size, the Stats Panel will appear to the right or below the Video.
Enter values for all sections highlighted with a red border - highlighted sections are required for the accuracy of Filmroom's Predictive Stats Engine.
When you've entered all Stats for the current play, tap the right arrow to move to the next play.
After you enter stats for the kick-off, our Predictive Stats Engine will automatically set the Possession, Direction, Down, Distance and Ball On values. Unless you're correcting a mistake you should never have to adjust these settings after the kick off.
Tap or click "Key Play" if you want to call special attention to the current play and the blue star will automatically appear for other team members.
You can include non-play videos (like shots of the scoreboard between scores) - just tap or click the "Not a Play" button to keep the play but exclude it from the box score and Tendency Reports.