Basic Play Diagram

Computer & Tablet




  1. Drag the position icons if you want to make any play-specific changes to the formation
  2. Tap to select any player - you can drag to reposition the toolbar
  3. Tap or tap and drag to draw a route
  4. If you don’t like the route, tap the red icon to clear it line-by-line
  5. You can designate any position as the intended receiver
  6. Tap this button to make the first segment zigzag to indicate pre-snap motion
  7. You can make the last segment dotted to indicate a pitch or a pass
  8. This button will let you switch between one of three end caps: an arrow, a T (for blocking) and a dot
  9. Tap here to turn line smoothing on or off
  10. Tap the route origin or green checkmark to finish
  11. Repeat this process for all players
  12. Defense: tap to select any defensive position icon, then drag this button to draw zone coverage responsibilities