Every play is based on a Formation. We'll use offense for this tutorial but the process is the same for defense and special teams.

Computer & Tablet




  1. Open a playbook to the play gallery, then tap to expand the Formations view
  2. We've included some example Formations, but you can add your own by tapping the edit arrow next to the Formations button
  3. Tap "New Formation"
  4. Enter a name and optional notes, then tap the green checkmark in the upper right corner
  5. Tap to select a position and choose a color
  6. You can enter up to two letters for the position label
  7. You can also customize the icon shading
  8. Drag positions around to lay out your formation
  9. Tap the back arrow to navigate back to your Formations gallery
  10. Tap the "i" icon on any Formation to edit the name, add notes, copy or delete