Call Sheets

The printed order of plays will be the same as the order you've sorted them in the app.

If you'd like to print a Call Sheet for yourself with matching Wristbands for your players, be sure to select the same Formations or Categories for both so that the numbering and grouping is consistent.

Computer & Tablet




  1. Tap the print icon on the playbooks list or in the play gallery
  2. Tap "Call Sheets"
  3. Choose Offense, Defense or Special Teams
  4. Select "Formations" or "Categories" to filter your plays
  5. Tap to select the Formations or Categories you'd like to print - if you choose more than one Formation or Category, your plays will be grouped and color coded
  6. Choose a call sheet format - we have diagram and list based layouts
  7. For diagram based call sheets, you can decide whether to print the play name, play number or both
  8. Tap "Print" in the upper right corner - if you've selected a large number of plays, it could take a minute or two for your device to render the print preview
  9. You should now see the system print preview - depending on your device and printer settings, you may be able to choose a page size and orientation (portrait or landscape)
  10. Print or save your call sheet as a PDF for emailing