Add an Animated Football

There are two types of football annotations: static and animated. Animated ball annotations can be used to show the movement of the football along with the animated play. They will not appear on your printed playbooks and you can only add one animated ball annotation to your diagram.

Computer & Tablet




  1. Tap the annotations icon
  2. Tap and drag the animated ball annotation icon onto the field
  3. You can drag to reposition the tool window
  4. Drag to precisely position the ball starting point and then tap or tap and drag to draw a path representing the ball movement during your play
  5. If your movement path has more than one segment, you can tap here to turn line smoothing on or off
  6. If you don't like the movement path, tap the red icon to clear it line-by-line, then tap the trash icon to remove the ball completely
  7. Tap the ball origin or green checkmark to finish